A Modest Propuesta

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trump wall 4.jpgPresident Trump took a short break this week from strengthening ties with China, Canada, England, Germany, France, Mexico, NATO and the UN to clarify his deterrence policy of frightening potential illegal immigrants by caging their children like stray dogs. Trump is of course to be commended for sticking to his guns and refusing to back down in the face of lily-livered dem-commie Soros-funded Muslo-traitors who pretend to care about these so-called “children”, and who accuse him of inhumanity. As if any kid wouldn’t have fun in a cool pen and with sci-fi tinfoil blankets!

The problem is, it’s not working. Time to step up the game a bit. What about selling off these mini-criminals’ corneas and kidneys on the lucrative transplant market? Just one cornea and one kidney per child, of course: Americans are not monsters.

Proceeds could go to the completion of Trump’s Wall (since it looks like the Mexicans may not be paying for it after all); and in the event of an unfortunate surgical mishap, the remains of the deceased larval-invaders could be hung on the Wall as a further disincentive.

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